Graham ‘Fumbz’ Walker – Keyboards


The Boomtown Rats had ‘Fingers’ but we’ve got ‘Fumbz’!


A quiet unassuming chap, Graham is the technical brilliance behind the Foxes. He understands the difference between major & minor & is not afraid to admit it. A strong, guiding force to the Foxes he probably maintains all 5 forces in the musical department.


Cutting his teeth in the 80’s with original bands; Atomic, Oiltrain & later Intefada he has wowed many an adoring crowd with his prowess & manual dexterity.


After joining the Booze Brothers in 2004 he really began to realise his full potential as a musical maestro. Many shows later we have a seasoned veteran bursting at the seams with enthusiasm & ideas.


Now he uses those attributes in Fox Force 5……………………..

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